Finally back in the studio…
…it’s been quite a while since I have posted new artwork, simply because I haven’t been able to work properly.
Due to extensive renovation work in our house I suddenly found myself with injuries in neck, shoulders, arm and hands. It has so far been a 3 months process which still hasn’t ended but at least I can now work with paint on canvas for 1-2 hours a day without adding to the problems. It has been and still is a long haul which has caused pain and distress.

As you can probably imagine, I’m loaded with creative energy and ideas so I’m enjoying thoroughly to be back in the studio and am happy to present my newest project, my all-time favorite theme, the elephants. No need to say that this one is about LOVE.
And also, a colorful abstraction in the memory of a wonderful holiday this summer in Sunny Greece 🙂

LOVE – 80×100 cm.

80x100 cm. Kr. 6.800

80×100 cm. Kr. 6.800

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