When I look up to the sky here in Andalusia I’m always reminded and fascinated by the difference in light from the north, from Scandinavia, where I’m from. In the north, the sky i blue, and the light is blue/grey sometimes on a very cloudy day, only grey. Cold colors. Here, the sky is blue as well, but the light is umber. As if someone had painted the view with an umber transparent color (well, and used a very large paintbrush!). So in fact, the cold colors have all of a sudden turned into warm colors.

This abstraction is inspired by the sea, the sky, the beach here in Andalusia – just before sunset, where a few stroke of light reflects into the sand and the sea… and of course the umber light.

‘Umber light of Andalusia’ 50×60 cm.

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Umber light Andalucia 50x60 cm

Umber light Andalucia 50×60 cm

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